To Consume a ODataV4 form Visual Studio (+2017) you need to add this extenssions installed:

and the odata will be enabled:

Then you may be to know the url of odatav4 services ( you can know it open the Web Services page and copy some url odatav4), for example:



remove url until odatav4 and add /$metadata:$metadata

save the result on a file

on visual studio create a new conected service, select odata connected service

select the published pages that you want to add

That’s all! , if you make changes on the published web services then you can refresh the connected service:



Sample to consume the odata:

// ————————————————odata—————————————
NAV.NAV conectorcomandes = new NAV.NAV(new Uri(@”‘TestCompany’)“));

conectorcomandes.Credentials = new NetworkCredential(“user”, “password”, “domain”);

Task<IEnumerable<Producto>> comandes = conectorcomandes.Producto.AddQueryOption(“$select”, @”Description,No”).ExecuteAsync();