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Best way to consume Dynamics NAV web services from external php application

After investigating a bit the connection alternatives to the services of Microsoft Dynamics NAV webservices from an external platform, specifically a web application programmed with PHP and Laravel framework, I have reached the following conclusions:

  • from PHP it is much easier to use OData + json
  • Modern versions of Dynamics NAV (2016/2017) allow connection by OData
  • Through OData you can obtain, register new records and also delete records. with the verbs (GET / POST / PUT / DELETE)

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Laravel custom Authentication, With Microsoft Dynamics NAV Odata Webservice (table Customers)

I was created one project with laravel 5.4 and custom authentication to one table of Dynamics NAV (2017) trough web services, these are the steps that I was make to do this:

  • I was folow some steps As this article explains perfectly: CustomUserProvider.php 
      • Modify config/auth.php:
            'providers' => [
                'users' => [
                    //'driver' => 'eloquent',
                    'driver' => 'customuserprovider',
                    'model' => App\User::class,
                // 'users' => [
                //     'driver' => 'database',
                //     'table' => 'users',
                // ],
      • but then Modify providers/AuthServiceProvider to use my own customuserprovider:
         <?php namespace App\Providers; use Illuminate\Support\Facades\Gate; use Illuminate\Foundation\Support\Providers\AuthServiceProvider as ServiceProvider; class AuthServiceProvider extends ServiceProvider { /** * The policy mappings for the application. * * @var array */ protected $policies = [ 'App\Model' => 'App\Policies\ModelPolicy',
             * Register any authentication / authorization services.
             * @return void
            public function boot()
                // added to modify auth provider that's the trick
                 \Illuminate\Support\Facades\Auth::provider('customuserprovider', function($app, array $config) {
                return new CustomUserProvider($app['hash'], $config['model']);

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How to make an ajax call inside a WordPress site

After several days, finally I found how to make ajax call from my wordpress site, I hope that it will help those who have had this problem:

first, I was created a post inside a wordpress whit this html code:

<section id="main">
    <table id="tng" class="datagrid">
    	<thead><tr><th colspan="3"> 
            Sample ping App
    		<td width="50%" align="right"><b>Host or IP:</b></td>
    		<td><input  id="ip" size="20" value="" ></td>
                <td><button type="button" onclick="PING()">Ping</button></td>
    <img id="image" src="spinner.gif" alt="wait..." style="display: none;">
<section id=food>
	<h3 id="notification"></h3>

As you can see the only important thing is the onclick event for the button that calls de functionPING()


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Sample ajax calls inside WordPress

This is a sample page to demostrate how to use ajax calls inside wordpress,
if you test the below button, you can do a ping to a host or ip without reload the web page, it shows the results and then deletes itself.

Ping Host or IP:
Blacklist check Host or IP:
Telnet, Host or IP / Port Nº:


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WordPress and WPML

Notes about WordPress and WPML:

Once installed wordpress and wpml, we can activate the translation of strings, if our subject is properly adjusted, in the files of the subject appearing chains type:

<?php _e('NIF', 'afegit'); ?>
<?php __('NIF', 'afegit'); ?>

in this case “Afegit” will be the domain of WPML string translation within WPML –> Themes and Plugins, we will have to check for new translations (first image), if we modify the theme files or add new fields to which we add translation functionality


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