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ESP32 Asynchronous TCP/IP client and multi core task implementation with freeRTOS parallel task and queues intercommunication

This post is to comment the code of the project explained on:

you can donwload the code from my web page at the link: 


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HTML5 local storage

I have developed a simple HTML5 application that uses the HTML5 local storage is a list of “buy”, and can work offline, once loaded in the browser of an android phone or iPhone, you can work without internet connection:

Go to my example


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Mega Pairs Game



This game a”pairs game” features multiplayer possibilities of, is was made only for show  the features and  architecture of a multiplayer development, not for real production game,it uses a Sing in feature to login with Facebook, Google o Twitter credentials ( no need to register), the base is a canvas control that is named “arena” of the game, and only a bar menu to make all tasks.

 technologies used:

this are the architecture components used to develop the game:

at the server side:

  • node.js server
  • sqlite database

at the client side:

  • Javascript
  • Mootools
  • Bootstrap
  • HybridAuth

 How it works:

The first time when a user opens the page, observe mode is enabled for default, in this mode you can see all the movements of the game, but you can not interact or flip any card. when the user are sing in, then a new user appears at the left side and the user can flip 2 cards, once the user are in the game his score is saved for the next time game.


My next goal is that any user can modify the cards images, how to do it?:

To Test the Game


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Slide Puzzle Plugin for WordPress

Hi guys!!

This is my first plugin for WordPress: slide-puzzle It’s really simple to use, only install it, and enable, I have developed to learn about wordpress plugins architecture.

It uses one shortcode generate slide puzzle from any image that you want, as follows:

 [slide-puzzle pieces=X  myimage=’{url}‘ message=’{message}]

Where X are the number of pieces ( be careful 🙂 ), {url} is the image url that can be absolute or relative of  your site, and you can specify one {message} when users completes the slide puzzle.

For example:

 [slide-puzzle pieces=4  myimage=’’ message=’It was easy! congratulations’]

 [slide-puzzle pieces=10  myimage=’’ message=’You are an ace!’]

It not uses Flash!!  it works on an IPAD or an IPHONE too!!!

 New in version 1.1.0 

[slide-puzzle pieces=X  myimage=’{image_url}‘ message=’{message}‘ backcolor=’{color}‘ endimage=’{final_image_url}‘]

Added two new variables

  • color: in format ‘#rrggbb’ of the background puzzle
  • endimage : url of another image, if you want to show another image when completes the puzzle


[slide-puzzle pieces=4  myimage=’’ message=’It was easy! congratulations’ backcolor=’#ff0000′ endimage=’’]
You can use without new variables and message too:
[slide-puzzle pieces=4  myimage=’’ message=” ]

see this Video about new features

Is based on a canvas element ( only for modern browsers: check), you can customize the default options on plugins management of wordpress


If you want to see a demo page for test the plugin, go to:

there is a video explain install procedure and use Video

Try it! if you like, post a comment!

link to download


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Multiplayer Online Game


I was develop one multiplayer online game “pairs game” with a node.js server , the purpose of this development is to test node.js powerfull features and asyncronous programming techniques.

this project does not uses (that is the best option to develop whit node.js) becose the “logic” of the game is very simple and with ajax long poll technique is enough to acomplish the goal. The engine of the game works with memory variables( no mysql calls)  and is very fast!!, is a multi game/player server,

About the html of the page, is only one HTML file with his CSS and JS files, all the elements are stored in memory at first load page, after all is done directly with ajax calls (if you press F5 the game restarts)

The engine of the game incorporates one control that checks the origin of the url  for each ajax call, to prevent using the engine to another not autorized sites.

general shema:

The logic is very simple:

  • one user creates one game ( private or public)
  • another user joins to this game.
  • another user joins to this game
  • … (max 4)
  • only the user that creates the game can start de game.
  • the user that have the turn, have 15 seconds to move one chart, if the time expires, then the turn goes to the next user
  • Every movement is distributed to all the users of the game.
  • when one change is done at the game (  2 open cards, and pairs match or not match) , all users that are playing are notified, scoreboard are updated
  • the users that wins the game, is automatically added or updated (+) his general score ( visible at main site)

On the client’s side, a long poll call is done recursively, until game is finished.

If you want to test multiplayer features or view a demo, you can simulate 2 users open 2 browser sessions, or with your friends, enjoy it:

this video demostrates the multiplayer features:


If you want to send me a feedback or you like to add this game in your site (fully css customizable), and view only your active games and your global scorelist, I can authorize your domain,  contact me:


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