Many people prefer to have a copy of the exchange mailboxes in a format much easier to treat or recover, this is the end of this script, which generates the files pst exported from Microsoft Exchange mailboxes, keep in mind that it has to work in a X32 machine with

  • outlook installed ( mapi32.dll )
  • have the exchange management tools installed.
  • Powershell isntalled

This tested in an environment of Exchange 2007 (x64 server) running on a pc with windows server 2003 x32.
consists of the following, a file script.ps1

get-mailbox | export-mailbox -PSTFolderPath:'X:\Dades Exchange\psts' -Confirm:$false
in this case, we will export all the mailboxes, we can filter with get-mailbox and the paremeter filter if we want to export only some.
and the export.bat to schedule the execution:
powershell.exe -PSConsoleFile "C:\Archivos de programa\Microsoft\Exchange Server\Bin\ExShell.psc1" -Command ". 'C:\script export pst\script.ps1'"

simply call the powershell script to run,
pd: if we run it on a X64 server not work