Hi guys!!

This is my first plugin for WordPress: slide-puzzle It’s really simple to use, only install it, and enable, I have developed to learn about wordpress plugins architecture.

It uses one shortcode generate slide puzzle from any image that you want, as follows:

 [slide-puzzle pieces=X  myimage=’{url}‘ message=’{message}]

Where X are the number of pieces ( be careful 🙂 ), {url} is the image url that can be absolute or relative of  your site, and you can specify one {message} when users completes the slide puzzle.

For example:

 [slide-puzzle pieces=4  myimage=’http://puzle.colome.org/img001.jpg’ message=’It was easy! congratulations’]

 [slide-puzzle pieces=10  myimage=’http://puzle.colome.org/img001.jpg’ message=’You are an ace!’]

It not uses Flash!!  it works on an IPAD or an IPHONE too!!!

 New in version 1.1.0 

[slide-puzzle pieces=X  myimage=’{image_url}‘ message=’{message}‘ backcolor=’{color}‘ endimage=’{final_image_url}‘]

Added two new variables

  • color: in format ‘#rrggbb’ of the background puzzle
  • endimage : url of another image, if you want to show another image when completes the puzzle


[slide-puzzle pieces=4  myimage=’http://wp.colome.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/06/IMAGE0027-e1370813449218.jpg’ message=’It was easy! congratulations’ backcolor=’#ff0000′ endimage=’http://wp.colome.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/1.jpg’]
You can use without new variables and message too:
[slide-puzzle pieces=4  myimage=’http://wp.colome.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/06/IMAGE0027-e1370813449218.jpg’ message=” ]

see this Video about new features

Is based on a canvas element ( only for modern browsers: check), you can customize the default options on plugins management of wordpress


If you want to see a demo page for test the plugin, go to: puzle.colome.org

there is a video explain install procedure and use Video

Try it! if you like, post a comment!

link to download  http://www.colome.org/slide-puzzle.zip