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Sample ajax calls inside WordPress

This is a sample page to demostrate how to use ajax calls inside wordpress,
if you test the below button, you can do a ping to a host or ip without reload the web page, it shows the results and then deletes itself.

Ping Host or IP:
Blacklist check Host or IP:
Telnet, Host or IP / Port Nº:


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Backup Windows 2008 (not R2) to a Network Share

If You have a Windows 2008 server (not R2)
with the backup wizard, you can not make a backup to a network share,
the solution is easy, install backup command line tools and you can do a backup to a network share at this way:

Wbadmin start backup -backupTarget:\\”server”\”share” -include:C: -vssFull -quiet

replacing “server” and “share” with the appropiate.


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